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Big data, mobile and cloud computing, powerful analytics tools all afford opportunities to introduce disruptive product and service offerings. To harness this potential, especially in regulated and industries, developers need a framework that delivers delivers  flexibility and scalability while ensuring proper governance and controls.


Rapture is a “white-sheet” solution created in response to recent paradigm changes in enterprise IT and informed by decades of experience building and managing technology architecture for leading global financial institutions.


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Key Features

Data Abstraction, Governance, and Provenance

Business Challenge: Data is the lifeblood of all organizations. Often, it is stored across disparate systems and in various formats. Lack of transparency on how data moves through an organization can result in conflicting information and inhibit decision making.

Rapture Value-add:

  • Separate applications from underlying data storage
  • Federated access to consistent data
  • Modular architecture is adaptable, quickly ingest and analyze new data sources
  • Use relationship data to improve processes and inform decision making

Application Development and Integration

Business Challenge: New application development is time consuming which limits agility to address new business opportunities.

Rapture Value-add:

  • Platform services are globally accessible, driving efficiency in application development
  • Generalized API accessible in multiple languages
  • Open architecture supports many frameworks

Process Management

Business Challenge: Firms struggle to optimize infrastructure; Proliferation of devices increases challenge of managing system access and security.


  • Prioritizes and manages asynchronous processes on distributed servers
  • A single point of control for enterprise-wide transparency
  • Develop and manage custom tools and workflows in a controlled manner

Platform Overview

Rapture Diagram

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