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Financial Services

Incapture’s Rapture platform transforms how Financial Services companies use information technology. Organizations are seeking technology solutions to address regulatory demands, rationalize complex business processes, and better manage costs and capital. Many firms are hindered by antiquated and poorly designed IT infrastructure that is fraught with unwanted complexity and workarounds.


Incapture’s veteran finance and investment management professionals work side-by-side with our Client Implementation team and integration partners to effectively deploy Rapture for Financial Services clients. We ensure that clients maintain functionality of their mission-critical tools while simultaneously migrating to a Rapture environment that offers all the benefits of recent technology advances.

Enable real-time, enterprise-wide analysis

Companies perform business analysis through a combination of in-house models and third party products. These tools rarely communicate with each other and essential metrics such as portfolio Value-at-Risk and manager performance are calculated once at the end of each business day through a manual, time-consuming, and error-prone process. In an increasingly complex, fast, and regulated environment, firms cannot afford this lag. With Rapture, clients can dynamically assess their performance and exposure and react to market conditions in real-time.

Automate and audit manual processes

Financial services firms often employ teams of analysts to query data and run models. Within Rapture, clients gain access to a single unified data layer and a flexible environment where they can establish event or time driven rules for deploying applications and tasks. Migrating data provisioning and analysis from spreadsheets to Rapture efficiently streamlines audit and version control.

Capitalize on emerging technologies

Rapture allows firms to transform their business processes and take advantage of technology advances. 80% of technology spend in financial services today is committed to maintaining and operating outdated legacy applications. Rapture delivers an abstraction layer between data and analysis that frees users from legacy systems and opens the door to realizing benefits of recent advances in data storage, cloud computing, and mobile technology.

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