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Future Applications

Initially tackling the complex and demanding global Financial Services industry, Rapture is applicable in a number of markets with similar characteristics: legacy systems; complex, data-driven business processes; disparate and siloed divisions with limited data and knowledge sharing.


Tracking, flow-control, resource allocation, tariffing and many other issues drive the need for extreme adaptability in data handling – both within & between trading partners. Rapture supports existing and new applications with true on-demand scaling.


With the rapid evolution of healthcare technology and management around the world, Rapture forms the basis for next-gen solutions that address both flexibility and regulatory compliance requirements.

Smart Cities

The myriad of sensors and networks now entwining major municipalities has proved an integration problem for legacy IT installations – the Rapture platform provides a robust ‘intelligent backbone’ for an unlimited mix of devices and currently disassociated systems.


Enabling the 21st-Century battlefield is the focus of modern military designers – with Rapture it’s possible to intelligently integrate space, air, sea and ground assets with true performance, situational flexibility, security and robustness.


The evolution of communications to embrace mobile, landline and Internet-based traffic opens the doors wide open for new business alliances and advanced applications – Rapture provides the next-gen platform for enablement.


As new energy sources and business structures are discovered, formulated and enacted on the fly, many existing systems cannot readily keep pace – the flexible Rapture architecture provides the safe ‘leap-to’ environment for reliably enabling new applications.

Other Sectors

So much information is being generated from an almost exponentially-expanding range of sources, that global industry, along with governments, are straining to deal with the surge. With no sign of the growth abating, the era of network-based intelligence is here. The platform provided by Rapture delivers a rich and powerful environment for bringing in large data flows, performing analysis, making decisions that involve a multi-dimensional number of issues and stakeholders, then enacting those decisions via outflows that often require security models, instantaneous scalability and fundamental reliability.

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